A Teacher’s Truth About the End of the School Year

6a010535724f84970b01538e42cf49970b-800wiPeople mostly assume that teachers are so glad when the year is over. It’s true in some ways. We are tired of the break-neck pace, the stress of testing, the paperwork, the constant demands to adjust from one newest solution to all our educational problems to another. We need a time to recoup, to just breathe.

But what people don’t know is how hard it is to say goodbye to our kids. They’ve been our own to nurture and love and now we have no choice but to let them go, to let them move on to bigger challenges.

Many also don’t know that teachers have huge hearts. And it’s a good thing we do because every year, we give a little bit of our heart away to our kids. We hope the love we’ve shown, the advice we’ve shared, and the life lessons we’ve learned together will help our kids find their road to happiness.

Here’s to the end of another year of learning, sharing, loving and most importantly: living! May each day for each of us be better than the day before and may we all work to be the good we want to see in the world!