Library Lesson-You CAN Judge a Book By Its Cover

judgeabook_Page_1Library Media / Reading Lesson: Helping Students Evaluate and Select Good Books

Sixth graders were in the library this week and I tried out a new library lesson I created just for them.  I was very pleased with the final results and the fun we had doing the lesson.

The Library Lesson

Before they arrived I selected about 50 different books that were the first of series and placed them on the student tables.  As they entered I gave them a paper with a set of directions to follow.  The first step?  Pick a partner!  Of course, they liked that immediately.

The whole goal of the library lesson was to introduce them to books in series because kids LOVE to read series.  It’s easy.  You find a book you like and if it’s a series, you don’t have to hunt for your next book!

So with books in place on the table, the next step was to work with your partner to select a book from your table.

The step went on that required them to examine the book, discuss what they could determine about the book and then form some opinions about the book.

They were given a small poster paper, markers, and crayons and 15 minutes to complete the project.

I know what you’re thinking:  Only 15 minutes? No way!

Well I won’t lie.  With the first class I tried, I was really sweating it.  Classes are only 50 minutes in length and my goal was to have them share their creations.  But they did it!

Every pair finished, shared, and we even had time to vote for the best one, give a reward and still have time to check out books.

As soon as I can, I’ll be posting photos of some of the finished posters.  I’ve also added the lesson to my products on the TPT site, if you’re interested.  This library lesson will work in upper elementary, middle grades and can even be used in high school and also include a rubric/scoring sheet for easy judging and/or grading.

It’s a great way to introduce new books and create an interest in learning more about the books.

Check back soon for photos!  Finally!  Here are some of the finished products sixth graders produced and presented in 15 minutes!

Happy Teaching!

Debra G.  🙂